Disappearing Memory Series | YAN FONG

Disappearing Memory Series is a collection of visual images which captures a group of vintage elements that are fading out slowly from the cities. They call for our attention to disappearing cultures in a specific time and space.

Is an art movement capturing the memory of cities which is made legible through modes of cultural expression and inscription including visual art, art education, historical renovation, and public interaction. The whole series of movement will explore cultural approaches to historical memory and urban policy though several media and calls of collectivity.

The topic of old wall is a collection of visual images which capture a group of vintage elements that are fading out slowly from the cities. They call for our attention to disappearing cultures in a specific time and space.

These visual images capture the history and local characteristics of Hong Kong which are fading out slowly in this urban city. Every single old building has its own identity and contains stories of the daily lives of the families and individuals who occupied it. Some of these buildings have been taken down and slowly replaced by massive buildings with a repetitive multiplying outlook essentially lacking character and washing out the memory and history of past residents.

The Old Wall is one of the key elements of disappearing memories. These photos were taken in different local places inside the city before the buildings were taken down. They capture the visual memory that is disappearing from the city as a result of urbanism. The collection of images aims to capture the message of each old wall, which contains a story from its unique character because of its rich texture and brilliant colors.

Broken tiles recall an old memory or may be interpreted as new memories by the viewer. Rusted steel and oxidizing metal adds unintentional hues of red and brown to match an old wall that has changed colors and faded with age. These elements are so rich in color and layers but they were being forgotten in the corner and treated as trash in the speedy cities.

This group of art print captures the character of the old wall with its own texture and colors. It is so amazing that these textures and colors were created by time and they look like ink painting with layers of blank and black in an abstract style. More than an ink painting, the old stone contains textures drawn on it by time and the elements. It seems as if they are telling a story from the past.

The broken red tail is another amazing element to be captured with its unexpected broken line and mixture of different layers and colors of paint. The color of this old wooden door was faded out by time and the remaining color was brushed by rain, wind, and time for its look right now. Each line seems to tell you how old it is and amazingly everything is created by time.

Disappearing Memory Series tends to recall peoplebs attention on the faded elements in urban places but in an aesthetic form with different presentation media. This would be a further study in many different forms of the relation between what is happening currently and what memories are disappearing across places and time. It might be fruitful to develop this topic further, keeping people keen on treasuring memories that are actually disappearing.


YAN FONG graduated with a Fashion and Textiles Design Bachelor Degree from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (ITé and studied Fashion and Art Major in New York Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) .Yan lived and works in Paris, New York City and Hong Kong for years to spread her vision on international contemporary art with a unique focus and love of vintage.

Yan Fong's aesthetic is defined by the use old elements in a stylish and elegant manner. The use of red, black and white along with some earth tones tastefully conveys the sense of high fashion into her prints. A major recurring theme in Yan's body of work is the discovery of everyday images of our cities. Her figures hint at our memory of forgettable imagery present in every floating city and present art as a normal process of time and space. http://www.yanfong.net