Sopa de paredes | CLAUDIA GOMES


Inspired by the Word Search game, I decided to recreate that game in a bigger scale, put it in some walls, and invite the visitors and population to solve it, and find the hidden words. The Search Word game created for this event, hide words related with the past, present and future of the town Paredes.

The words to be found werenbt written anywhere, so they remain as an unknown item and to empower the curiosity towards the proposal of the installation. The layout is constructed with words related with daily life mixed with the solution words, all waiting to be uncovered.

The whole process began by choosing an old building in the town of Paredes, and then I started to make the layout to apply in the walls of the building, creating a new wall cover and a new board game.

The activation of the installation began with me, as the element that was installing the pieces of the board and instigating the curiosity of the people who was passing by, as a curiosity instigator, and in the end, the idea would be, for people to mark in the installation, when they found the hidden words like we do, when we are playing the game, even without knowing what words they should find.

The idea was to test how by creating an event, that in this case, the event was the installation, you can turn a sidewalk, only use to cross the street, as a place of meeting, a place where you stop and look around your surroundings.

CLAUDIA GOMES: is a freelance Landscape architect from Portugal, with studies in Regional and Urban Planning and a Master of Art and Design for Public Space. Lived in Arnhem , The Netherlands, and worked in Girona, Spain, where had the opportunity to collaborate in the project that won the Rosa Barba Landscape Prize in 2012 (7º International Biennial of Landscape Architecture, Barcelona, Spain); Participation in Collectif EXYZT's architecture installation "Construir Junto" in Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture, Portugal; honorable mention at the competition 72hour urban action(2012) Terni, Italy; and invited artist with a installation at Circuito Aberto de Arte Pública de Paredes, Portugal(2013).